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Costs Budget Planner

Our new, bespoke, simple to use step-by-step costs budget planner has been designed from the ground up by experienced costs lawyers with two primary aims:

  • To help create a robust and defensible budget

  • To simplify the task of completing Precedent H

Following his judgment in Slick Seatings Systems v Adams and anor, in which he summarily assessed the Claimant’s costs in the sum of £351k at the end of trial, HHJ Simon Brown QC commended the lawyers’ “good accurate budgeting…and immaculate control.”

Speaking about the case in the New Law Journal he said….

“Your costs lawyer will be redundant at the end of the case and will have proved his worth for his involvement in accurate budgeting at the very beginning. Job done!”

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We have the expertise, experience and the tools to assist you in getting your budget right

Our budget planner includes the following features and benefits:

  • Accurately record and display your pre budget work.
  • Break down each phase into its constituent elements.
  • Walk-thru guidance to ensure accurate completion of each phase.
  • Automatic transfer of data to Precedent H.
  • Can be tailored to specific departments or field of work.
  • Ability to manipulate on screen before the Judge at CMC.
  • Built around an excel solution so no need for expensive software/licensing.
  • Detailed “manhattan chart” summaries by work type, cost type, phase or fee earner.
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Why we created the Budget Planner

To help create a robust and defensible budget

Para 2.3 of Practice Direction 3E states that…

“The court’s approval will relate only to the total figures for each phase of the proceedings, although in the course of its review the court may have regard to the constituent elements of each total figure.”

The importance of being able to demonstrate how the total figure in each phase of your budget has been arrived at cannot be overstated, particularly in substantial and/or complex matters. Our planner will provide the data required in various forms to assist the court in understanding how your budgeted figure has been arrived at.

“…the task of creating a plausible budget is a double act performed by the litigator in collaboration with their costs lawyer.”

Professor Dominic Regan – New Law Journal
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To simplify the task of completing Precedent H

There has been considerable criticism of the Precedent H Form. Our planner makes the task of completing this considerably easier. Simply follow the planner through each phase using the guidance and/or our assistance as required and Voilà your Precedent H is ready to print. In addition, you will have instant “manhattan chart” summaries available, providing the ability to instantly analyse expenditure by fee earner, work type, profit costs, disbursements/counsel’s fees or phase.

“Signing off a budget with a statement of truth (PD3E2.2) is a big responsibility for the person in charge of the party’s case. He needs to have the mindset and discipline of a project management architect. He will need to enlist the help of a costs lawyer from the outset in the role a quantity surveyor fulfils in a building project. Certainly that is what Lord Justice Jackson had in mind when he wrote his seminal report.”

HHJ Simon Brown QC – New Law Journal

Try it for yourself

Our Budget Planner is designed to assist you and us in getting your budget right. We can calculate and accurately record all of your pre budget costs and distribute them throughout the correct phases as required. Thereafter we can advise and assist in forecasting the work necessary to bring the matter to trial, drawing on our considerable experience and wealth of historical data in comparable cases, to ensure that your budget is both realistic and reasonable.

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