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83rd Update coming into force April 2016

Posted by Toby Moreton on Feb 26 - 2016


The 83rd Update to the Civil Procedure Rules comes into force on 1 and 6 April 2016. This includes important changes to Part 3 - The Court’s Case Management Powers - and Practice Direction 3E - Costs Management Powers - and Practice Direction 3E - Costs Management. In summary:


  • Only the first page of Precedent H is to be exchanged and filed in cases where the value of the claims is under £50,000 or the costs are less than £25,000.
  • Claims made on behalf of a child are also excluded from the regime, and in cases where the Claimant has a limited or severely impaired life expectation the court will ordinarily disapply cost management.
  • Amendments are also made to the point at which a costs budget must be filed. For lower value claims the budget must be filed with the Directions Questionnaire, for other claims it must be filed 21 days before the case management conference.
  • Agreed budget discussion reports must be filed seven days before the first hearing.
  • Amendments are also made to provide that costs claimed in each phase of the proceedings, are made available to the court when assessing costs at the end of a case. Consequential amendments are made to Practice Direction 3E.


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