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Estimates in the Court of Protection

Posted by Toby Moreton on Oct 01 - 2015

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Cost budgeting has so far not reached the Court of Protection. Shortly, however, Deputies will be required to provide Estimates in relation to General Management work. 

Such Estimates will take the form of the old Form H, ie Part 1: costs incurred and Part 2: costs to be incurred. This is an estimate of work to be carried out over the remainder of the management year. It is not budget, nor will it operate as a cap. The Estimate will however have to be filed with the Annual Report and will accompany the Bill of Costs when submitted to the Senior Courts Costs Office for assessment. Costs Officers are likely to use it as a guide to determine whether the cost of the work done is both reasonable and proportionate.

It is important that Deputies remain mindful both of the costs already incurred and the work to be carried out over the forthcoming deputyship year. If this changes to any significant degree, it would be prudent to alert the OPG as soon as possible and a revised Estimate provided.

Any anomalies at the end of the year will need to be explained to the SCCO.

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